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However, with the proper college financial strategies, and a professionally designed plan - your college costs can be drastically reduced, and made unbelievably affordable! Most students qualify for 2 types of financial aid: Merit Based Financial Aid and Need Based Financial Aid.

Hero Connections™

All the Hero Connections™ students who participate will receive:

150+ hours of Community Service, with official confirmation and Elected Officials' endorsed application attachments.
An up to 25% increase in College acceptance.
An up to or exceeding $5,000 increase in Merit Based Financial Aid Awards.
Leadership qualities and a competitive college acceptance edge over other students also applying.
An increased Resume or Application awareness of value for the Colleges being applied to.

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Who is College Funding Connection?

College Funding Connection is a Non-Profit - 501(c)3 corporation. Everything we do is dedicated to helping parents lower their "Out of Pocket" college costs, making the college years affordable, and comfortable - for the entire family.

College Funding Connection is dedicated to continually keeping parents, teachers, high schools, students, career counselors, and AVID students educated and informed about the college admissions and financial aid process - because the rules and guidelines are continually changing.

Staying up to date on these changes is how we are able to continue "Transforming Lives - One Degree at a time".

We utilize National Association for college Admission Counseling Certified college Counselors to work with our parents and students and only expert financial teams to develop individual college financial plans for parents and students.

Now that you know who we are, we invite you to take a closer look at how we can help you and your college bound child/children feel more at ease about how to pay for college and about the college your children choose to attend!

Who Can We Help?
  • Higher-income families: High net worth families who may not qualify for "need-based" financial aid - but can still utilize financial strategies to pay for college on a tax-favorable basis
  • Middle-income families: Families who may qualify for "need-based" financial aid at some colleges, but not at others. We also utilize the same financial strategies to pay for college on a tax-favorable basis
  • Lower-income families: Families who will qualify for "need-based" financial aid at all colleges their students decide to attend. In many cases, we are able to position and package these students into more favorable colleges - which were not considered due to the high attendance cost
  • Business owners: We have strategies which will give you the ability to control your college costs drastically
  • Grandparents: We utilize the best financial and tax strategies allowing grandparents to gift funds to their grandchildren for their college expenses, without penalizing the families position with regards to financial aid

To receive a private and FREE individual consultation to determine the best approach for your situation, call us at (760)-889-1828.

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" We were very pleased with everything Dave and Les helped us accomplish for our Daughter. She started out not knowing what direction she wanted to pursue... and with the use of the MCP Program and the Discover Program, she found her passion, and direction, and is attending a college that we thought we never would be able to afford. Dave was brilliant with the strategies he suggested to increase our Financial Aid. All told... we saved waaaaay beyond the $50,000 they guarantee. We are honored to give our recommendation. "

    Mandy and Dale W.

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